The Foreign Correspondent – Stories about German Rock Music # 7

Herwig Mitteregger is an Austrian musician, played in former times in the back-up band from Nina Hagen – Spliff (a synonym for a joint). They were very successful in the days of New German Wave with chartbreakers like ‘Carbonara’ and  ‘Heut Nacht’. After the split of ‘Spliff’ he turned into a solo career, in which he played the most of the instruments by himself. On this record he tried to explore some new ways to produce the songs he liked to do in his way. Most of them sound a little bit of morbid for listeners who are not able to understand his words. But for me he made a record that still stands the test of time. ‘Kein Mut, kein Mädchen’ what means ‘No courage, no girl’ is a record that had an tries to plump the borders of rock music and electronic. It is a perfect mixture of how new sounds could sound. Nearly 20 years ago it was a masterpiece from him and it still sounds fresh and new over a long years ago.

Herwig Mitteregger – So oder So
Herwig Mitteregger – Kald wie’n Stein
Herwig Mitteregger – Rudi


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