Gone, But Not Forgotten # 2

DennisWilson is mostly known as a founding member and drummer of The Beach Boys. What’s seldom known is that he was the only regular surfer in the band. You can read his whole biography here. What ever had been attributed to The Beach Boys lifestyle – Dennis had lived it in all facets. What was also known, was his contact/friendship to Charles Manson and his Family and his support to him to sing his songs. However, the intention to write a few words about Dennis Wilson was his album from 1977 ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’.

The bandwidth on this record is really enormous, ranging from gospel influenced rock (River Song) on soft , electric piano  dominated (and depressing) ballads to funky tracks ( Pacific Ocean Blue). The Beach Boys squint course, everywhere around the corners which is noticeable especially in the sophisticated vocal arrangements. This record is like a diary created and realized over seven years. It’s filled up with sequences of his life. There you encounter narcotic landscapes on “Moonshine”and “Dreamer”, the fascination of the elements on “River Song” and  “Pacific Ocean Blue”, experiments in releasing on “Farewell My Friend”, “Time ” and ” End Of the Show”) and also the search for love and the suffering it (” Thoughts of You “,” Rainbows “,” You And I “).

Overall, all these shots are a fantastic look back at the work of a guy of his own life is not always easily designed . These record convey emotions and moods so do not fit to a Beach Boy, but personally have a magical attraction for me: Here an artist painted on a very large canvas.

Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue
Dennis Wilson – Farewell My Friend
Dennis Wilson – End Of The Show
Dennis Wilson – River Song
Dennis Wilson – Moonshine


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