The Foreign Correspondent – Stories about German Rock Music # 5

Today’s band shows another style German musicians are able too. Seeed is a band founded in 1998 in Berlin consisting of eleven  musicians. The mostly play dub and dancehall in accordance with marching band and a sound system. Starting in their early days with untypical instruments like saxophone and trombone they developed their preferences for heavy bass and computer programmed Riddims. Their first big appearance was in 2001 as the opening act for R.E.M. in front of the Cologne cathedral in front of 70.000 people. That was the day when I first noticed them. Me and a few mates went to Cologne to have a little fun over there. Not knowing that the town would be crowded from people from all over Europe. Reason was that R.E.M. made a tour through Europe playing in front of extraordinary sight – and for free. We saw people who came to the place at lunchtime waiting for more than eight hours until the show start on a very hot Saturday.

From then on they get more famous and their records reached the top of the charts in Austria and Germany. That they are an extraordinary live band is maybe one of the reasons the was invited as the leading act of the opening ceremony of the football world cup 2006 in Munich. The songs I’ve chosen will speak for themselves and I’ll present them as video-clips because they are awesome too.

Enjoy and have a good weekend

This is their version of a song that was known by Black:

And a little bit faster


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