What Happened To Pub Rock # 3

One of the finest bands in these era was the Sheffield based Ace. The members were assembled from various other professional bands. Inspired by the sound of Tamla Motown they transformed their musical taste into something new. Handmade music combined with the ability to make great songs made their debut record a masterpiece. It’s one of these records that has accompanied me since nearly 40 years and is still worth listen to. The band has resolved after three records. A few members joined Frankie Miller (also a musician of the pub rock era with an extraordinary voice – the legitimate successor of Rod Stewart when he crossed the Atlantic ocean). Only one member is still known today: Paul Carrack collaborated with Roxy Music, was a part time member of Squeeze and the leading person by Mike and the Mechanics. Nowadays he used to play his songs with a local Big Band close to Christmas time in Stuttgart. I would have bought the record already on account of the cover. Great idea to place supporters of the Toffees between the fans in Anfield Road.

Ace – Sniffin’ About
Ace – 24 Hours
Ace – Know How It Feels


2 thoughts on “What Happened To Pub Rock # 3

  1. Cheers too CC. It's not necessary to post How Long every time when there are so many great songs on this record.

    Have a good time my friend.
    C U

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