These days I was writing a lot of late 1970s music especially with Dirk in our ‘Battle of the Blogs’. I also read again the documentary from Jürgen Teipel about the birth of German punk music ‘Verschwende Deine Jugend’. This might be the third or fourth time I read this – and it still makes me smile when I get remembered to this time. This book isn’t only an enumeration of things that happened. The writer – former self a member of the movement – took the time to interview most of the musicians in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin to remember this time. After all you can follow the punk in Germany year by year with all the comments from the people which was part of the scene. A lot of references were given to Devo and I remember well that we used to play their songs often and loud. One chapter in punk and New Wave was to reduce well known songs to their minimum to rebuilt it in their own inspiration.

I think it’s a good start in the new week – so enjoy and have fun

Devo – Satisfaction


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