Armygeddon times

A few days ago I posted something about my time in the army. Some of you have asked me about more stories from this time. It’s been ages when I was there and a lot of things that happend and what we did I’ve nearly forgotten. So I will try to the farthest corners of my memory to bring out some stories and post it from time to time.
Like many others, had to participate in NATO maneuvers our unity. We were as airspace reconnaissance aircraft assigned directly to the General Staff. As many of our officers were not able to speak in foreign languages ​​ordinary soldiers like me reassigned to translate. So mostly we hadn’t to stay out in the field or build on a converted tank, the radar equipment and to operate or to pass on the messages by radio. However, which meant that we had to work in shifts. And each layer took 12 hours. The hardest time was the hours between 2:00 am and 5:00 am where we often couldn’t keep our eyes open. Trying to stay awake with lots of coffee and cigarettes. During the maneouvers we got close contact to soldiers from outher countries like Great Britain, France, Italy, Canada, United States. I have no explanation why many of you were very eager to purchase our combat uniforms. Over time, we started our foreign friends, our old clothes to sell. The big seller at the time was a head covering, which dates from the time when the German Army was founded. Remained the most popular items was the Glengarry that they wanted to have because at that time it was only worn in Germany by the Air Force and Navy. So we bought all droppable Glengarries from the wardrobe and exchanged for one bottle of whiskey. Of course we drunk the wiskey with our comrads.


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