People who died

A few days ago my player shuffled on my way to work a song from Jim Carroll about friends of him who died long before their time. Later that day I grabbed out his debut album ‘Catholic Boy’ from 1980. Long years ago I read his autobiographical book ‘The Basketball Diaries’ concerning his life as a teenager in New York City’s hard drug culture. I was astonished to read what he made trough in his younger years. In his diaries he writes about his life between the ages of twelve and sixteen, detailing his sexual experiences, high school basketball career, and his addiction to heroin, which began when he was 13. There must be a movie about this starring Leonardo Di aprio but I haven’t seen it yet. Later he became a member of the factory working with Andy Warhol. Jim Carroll died exactly four years ago on a heart attack. RIP

The Jim Carroll Band – People who died


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