Let me go

Back in the early 1980s Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh formed after they left The Human League together with Glenn Gregory Heaven 17 in Sheffield. They didn’t only formed the band they also formed the producing company British Electronic Foundation (BEF). Like Human League the only used synthesisers and programmed drum machines to create their own sound. Other musicians were added when necessary. One of their first recordings ‘(We don’t need that) fascist groove thang’ with it’s explicit left-wing political lyrics where banned from BBC. Without Heaven 17 and their new electric music dance music might not be like it is today. Lots of people joined that new electronic sound and danced to. This record is from 1982 and probably their most successful one.

So enjoy weekend and dance (a very special greeting to Drew over at Accross The Kitchen Table)

Heaven 17 – Let me go


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