To hell with poverty

Since two years we try to get our friend from Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks to Germany. We did everything we could do. Writing invitation letters that guarantee that no one has to pay any money for him while he stays at our place. We also guarantee that he will get back where he came from after some weeks with us. But his visa application has been rejected for the third time. Just because the German embassy doesn’t believe in his aim just to take a look at Europe and come back to his own country. Also a main reason is, that he’s not married and he don’t have a regular job and everyone at the administration believe that he want to slip in an other country when he arrives in Schengen member country. Just because he’s poor nobody trust in him. We feel ashamed when we compare how we were welcome in their country and no one (not even with invitation letters from our local politicians) gives him the chance to open his mind.

4 thoughts on “To hell with poverty

  1. In Italy the situation is absolutely worse. I'm sure you will win out in the end. Keep on.
    I quoted these words once, but I think they will be always relevant: “Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.” (Thor Heyerdahl).

    p.s. Marc Almond and Gene Pitney's “Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart”, love that song.

  2. I do not think it would be any easier for your friend to come to the United Kingdom.

    As The Redskins once sang….Keep On Keepin' On.

    Good luck

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