The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night

It’s Friday and Swiss Adam from Bagging Area is ‘en vacances’ in France and probably in Italy. I love to follow his weekly series of Rockabilly stories and tunes. I thought I take over for one Friday and give you a bit of Rockabilly and Swiss Adam, I hope you don’t mind.
This song is from Hasil Adkins (1937 – 2005) played his own style with a combination of country, rock and roll and blues, though he was frequently considered rockabilly. He generally performed as a one-man band, playing guitar and drums at the same time. Adkins is also known as one of the pioneers of psychobilly. Adkins was a great influence for the music of The Cramps. Sometimes when I hear him sing and howl I think he’s the low budget version of them.
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend friend.

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