I Picked A Flower

The Pastels are a Glasgow based independent band, formed in the early 1980s. They started as a classic post-punk band and had inspired a lot of bands of the so called C-86 era to turn later into softer sounds. I listen recently to their 1998 album ‘Illuminati’ still fascinated how fresh it sounds even today. This song is from their soundtrack to ‘The Last Great Wilderness’ and is a collaboration with Pulp’s Jarvis Crocker.
Enjoy and have a good last working day.

One thought on “I Picked A Flower

  1. The Kid Loco Remix of 'The Viaduct' on 'Illuminati' is one of my all time favourites …. what a magnificent tune!

    Not even nine o'clock in the morning and in the office it's already hotter than in a Finnish sauna crowded with Swedish models … and still another six hours to go … oh boy!

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