Weak Heart

If punk was merely loud, quick and aggressive music at the beginning , it has changed during the following years. More and more bands developed a nearly infallible feeling for melodies and harmonies. Other discovered reggae for himself and developed an individual sound. Of course The Clash did it extremely well. Another group has also discovered very early this music for itself and has made this sound popular.

The Ruts started 1977 as a typical punk band, made two top-selling singles (In A Rut, Babylon’s burning) , a good longplayer and were highly promoted by John Peel. The band continued as Ruts D.C. (an Italian term standing for da capo, meaning ‘back to the beginnings’) in a different musical vein. They released two albums in 1981/82. Ruts D.C.split in 1983.

Todays songs were from their second album Rhythm Collision and are dub versions they did in collaboration with Mad Professor a Guyanese dub music producer.

Ruts D.C. & Mad Professor – Whatever We Do (12-inch mix)
Ruts D.C. & Mad Professor – Weak Heart (12inch vocal mix)


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