Caught in a trap

Today me and my colleges should carry out a common event in our team, so that we work together more narrowly and better. That is the masterplan – and what did they organized: Exploring a smaller town on the level country. It will take three hours to walk around the hometown of Gottlieb Daimler, the inventor of the first quick-running light petrol engine. I know this town and I am sure there is nothing more to see what you can’t see in 30 minutes. And tomorrow it will be a real warm day and I have no desire for it. Yesterday, in addition, C. has come back from Sri Lanka and this makes to me even heavier in this duty event something positive to see. Not that I won’t spent time with my colleges – they are all right. But I hate to do senseless things – only doing by the order of my bosses. Even thoug I will go to office and decide later what I will do or not.

This is the last song on Paul Weller’s Stanley Road. A beautiful ballad about one person who waits for his love to come.

Enjoy and have a good day.

Fly on wings of speedThat will bring you home to meI’ll never be free, the darkness I seeSo wait for your smile
Though my hands are tiedMy feet are bound by fateWith clay at the base as I sit and waitWhat visions I see
In dreams she floats on a streamWith Jesus at the helmThe water reeds that begHer boat along the way as she comes to me
Now as the light is fallingCandle left to light the waySailing home to morningShe comes to me callingTo brighten up my darkest day
And the world fades away with her smile oh yeaI wait for your smile yeaYea yeaYeaPaul Weller – Wings Of Speed


One thought on “Caught in a trap

  1. Ha ha …. at least your event is being held on a Thursday: I have a "teambuilding" event next weekend, from Friday after work right until Saturday five o' clock in the afternoon (plus driving home, which will take me another hour) … and it's the fucking third event in a year, believe it or not!! Esoteric and theoretical/abstract nonsense all over and I can only survive this shit when drinking way too much wine on the Friday evening. Severe headache all Saturday? Yes, most probably. Do I care? No, not at all … in fact I do hope that my head will explode, so that the whole Saturday will pass on without me noticing it! Oh boy …

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