40 Records In 40 Years (1/40 – 1974)

Back in Europe after three weeks in Sri Lanka. Never had a jetlag like this before. Maybe I got too much years on by back to bear it like a 20 something. During my vacation I’ve got pretty much time to think about this and that and what’s going on. I also had to let pass the opportunity in rest to reflect my present life in myself. Step by step I got the idea to post some of my minds the next months. Now it is 40 years ago I fell into music (someone will call it mania also). Throughout my whole life music was a part of it. The basic idea is to recapitulate every year with my (musical) education, historical events and other what was important. I try to present for every year a long-playing record which is important to me for this year. Maybe, however, even some songs. I have acquired these records not everyone this year, however, I try to return the mood of this time.

1974 was my last year in regular school, before I went to grammar school. It was also the first year I worked during summer break to earn some money to buy my a record player. After six weeks I’ve got enough money to get it and also my first long-playing records. I still remember how proud I was when I hold my first record in my hand. It was the triple record from YES – Yessongs. Not that I was in to this kind of music, but I thought that I got pretty much music for less money. And so thus synthie-sounds floated by my room daily. It was also the year I went to my first concert. Some older friends took me with to Munich to watch the Faces. Since then I was infected to the harder style of music. I was so much impressed of Rod Stewart and his physical presence on stage so that I knew that this would be the kind I want to have in future times.

Songs that were in the charts these year: Lot of Philly sound like MFSOP, Carl Douglas, ABBA because of ESC, and Mud that directed me into classic R’n’R

as well as Ace who told me the way of British Rhythm and Blues, Motown and all that stuff that was on their first record (by the way maybe one of the best record cover ever) Five-a-side.

During the next years I have discovered for myself the following records from this year and love qualified:

Van Morrison – It’s too late to stop now
Gram Parsons – Grievous Angel
Lou Reed – Rock and Roll Animal
Loggins & Messina – On Stage
Stevie Wonder – Fulfillingness’ First Finale
Minnie Riperton – Perfect Angel
Supertramp – Crime of The Century
Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

There was one record that was published this year that will be in my heart forever. It’s from Joni Mitchell. Miles of Aisles is a 1974 double live album by Joni Mitchell backed by the L.A. Express, recorded on the Court and Spark tour. It reached #2 on the charts and became one of her biggest-selling records. Her backing band was filled with a lot of jazz and blues musicians like Robben Ford and John Guerin. I love this record for it’s smooth sound, the clear voice of Joni Mitchel and also for her lyrics. The older I get the more I recognize her wisdom she had 40 years ago.

Joni Mitchell – Circle Game
Joni Mitchell – People’s Parties
Joni Mitchel – Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell – Carey

In this year Germany also won the world championship in football, although they were not the best team at all – but the most successful one. The best team in this tournament is still the team from Netherlands with their genius Johann Cruyff. Also the Polish team impressed me much. But the main reason to win this competition was that we had the probably best striker ever: Gerd Müller.


3 thoughts on “40 Records In 40 Years (1/40 – 1974)

  1. That's a great summary of 1974. I honestly cant remember too much of the music that you've listed (except Mud, who along with The Sweet and Gary Glitter) really appealed to the 11 year old that I was. But I'm with you all the way on the World Cup….that was the one where Scotland came home early despite being unbeaten in their 3 matches at the group stage.

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