Bride and Groom

Few days ago we were invited to a Sri Lankan wedding. The wedding flow is totally different to one Western people are used to. First there is no bachelor – celebrating with your friends and also no hangover possiblle. As we used to marry in the curch them people don’t because there are less christians round here. The blessing of God will be given by a Hindu priest to the couple in a short ceremony. After that they start to photograph bride and groom on hundreds of pictures. Meanwhile the traditional starter was prepeared and served. For western tongues it is more a desert than a starter, because it came as cupcakes and other sweeties. After that a band starts playing or (like in our case) a DJ starts his set.
This is mostly the signal for the man to leave the table and go outside (if the celebration is in a hotel) or seperate when it’s outside. Then they order their local whiskey called Arrack and some soft drinks and tonic and they start talking about nearly everything. So it goes on for some hours. Between talking, drinking and somking you can get up for some lunch and come back to the men’s table.
Women, older persons and kids stay during this time on their tables, enjoying music, talking to them others or having lunch. After the men’s drinking conversation is finished, everyone joins the band/DJ to dance for a while. And so slowly ends the celebration that normaly don’t go longer as four/five hours. Than the wedding couple leaves and the party is over. Normally the celebration ends in late afternoon and a lot of guys want to continue the party. So hey form some groups, which then party at their respective places of residence – mostly till late night.

Todays track is the XX-cover from ‘Sheler’ done by Hercules And Love Affair.

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