My life in the bush of ghosts

Searching the roots of ambient or so called world music you can’t ignore Brian Eno and David Byrne. While Eno worked mostly as a producer and Byrne was still a member of Talking Heads they got some time to make a record which was quite ahead of the times in 1981. In this time ist was very ambitious and had the usual listening habits put to the test. Listening to this music 30 years later I recognize a lot of ingredients I hear in nowadays Trance and Ambition music. So let’s raise the glass to yesterday’s heroes which was always one step ahead.
Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend

One thought on “My life in the bush of ghosts

  1. "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" is one of my favorite records ever, to the point that I went on to read the novel by Amos Tutuola, who served as the inspiration for the name of the album.The legendary DJ Larry Levan used to play "The Jezebel Spirit" at his Paradise Garage club: imagine how it must have felt for those in the middle of the dance floor to hear a track with the voice of a priest performing an exorcism blasting out of the speakers!

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