You get what you give

Stumbled yesterday into the blog of Nick Heyward, where he posted his holiday top 10. I took his number one to publish, because it was one of my late 90s favorites. Gregg Alexander is an American singer/songwriter who got famous with the song ‘You get what you give’ and following his record ‘Maybe you got brainwashed too’. Later he stopped making records for producing acts like Ronan Keating. Let’s describe this song with the words of Mr. Heyward: It’s like Todd Rundgren on a quadruple espresso.
Enjoy and have a good time all out there.

One thought on “You get what you give

  1. I was fast approaching 50 when I heard this song and the album. It cheered me up no end to think that pop music could still give me such a great lift. A terrific song. And the Nick Heyward quote is spot on. Thanks for that.

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