His name is Luca

A few week ago Luca answered some random thoughts over at TVV. He’s steady follower of our blogs and a brilliant writer but of many reasons not willing to start a blog on his own. On his shuffle appeared Paolo Conte with Max, a song I love for many years. Luca wondered why most Blogger ignore Italian Music. 
I can’t speak for all people from other countries but in the 80s Italian pop music was very successful in Germany. And when I say pop music I mean pop music. If you was invited to some parties someone suddenly stopped the music to switch onto Drupi, Al Bano & Romina Power and all that stuff. Those who still listen to Steppenwolf and those who had their ears open for new sounds could not identify with this songs. Not only that they don’t understand the language (if we were interested in this, we could have asked one of the Italians who are also present), most of them called it a female music and denied womens expertise in quality music.
 Not that I will call myself an expert in Italian music, there some artists I really like and listen to from time to time. Of course Adriano Celentano – maybe the most popular Italian singer. Many will know him from his 80s trash movies or from songs like ‘Azzurro’. But less people know that he is a critical person against the government. So he used his popularity to stand up together with Roberto Benghini against Berlusconi in a TV show at the prime time. This letter of apology to Berlusconi is impossible in Germany. He also denounced inflation, rising gasoline prices and corrupt politicians in ‘Svalutation’ (in the mid 70s). 
Another one I prefer is Paolo Conte. Not knowing the meaning of his words he comes to me in a sentimental mood – mostly late at night and we share a glass of red wine and listen to his songs about love, desire and restlessness.
Another one I listen to is Lucio Dalla, died last year on stage by an heart attack. One of his most famous songs, Caruso (1986), a tribute to the opera singer Enrico Caruso, has been covered by numerous singers. The versions of Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli sold many million copies worldwide. But I prefer this one.
Questo deve bastare per ora. Vi auguro un buon tempo

One thought on “His name is Luca

  1. Walter, as I said before, you're one of the nicest people out there and I want to thank you once again for your kind words, of which I am TRULY NOT WORTHY. I also spotted the Suzanne Vega reference: that song seems to be haunting me.I'd just like to add something, if I may.‘Azzurro's music was actually written by Paolo Conte himself, while wordsmith Vito Pallavicini wrote the lyrics. In 2007, a survey sponsored by the site of the Dante Alighieri Society, has decreed ‘Azzurro’ the most famous of Italian songs, and in my opinion it captures incredibly well the feeling of those long hot lonely magical summer days of youth (at least those experienced by an Italian of roughly my age..). Paolo Conte used to say that Celentano was the best singer he ever knew: not only he had a perfect intonation but also, no matter how hard was to sing some of the lyrics, he was able to let every single letter or syllable be heard perfectly, and that’s a rare feat whatever language one’s singing in.Fact: according to Wikipedia, Paolo Conte loves German tangos (I didn’t even know that such things existed!) and his favourite one is called ‘Warum’.As for Dalla, Andrea Peviani very recently wrote a really interesting post about him over at his excellent ‘Conventional Records’ blog. Andrea is a truly gifted writer (not like me) and that post really deserves to be read, even with the help of a web translator.Thank you again, have a nice day and try to forget about the Champions League’s outcome..Luca.

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