Cologne’s local hero

Way back in the late 70s a lot of German musicians tried also to go other ways than playing mainstream, progress rock or jazz thing. Influenced by British and American punk and New Wave some of them have managed to combine these influences with their understanding of music. Some of them got well know in Germany riding the wave on the so called New German Wave others will be remembered by some insiders and never got more than local heroes.
One of them is Jürgen Zeltinger (called ‘de plaat’ what meas ‘the bald’). He formed a band with Jaki Liebezeit (former drummer by CAN) and Arno Steffen (guitar, often hired for studio recordings or as a tour guitarist) to play some classic rock and also some standards. They played their first gig round carnival 1979 in a small club where they taped this concert for their first record. A guy in my local record store recommended me this record an I was astonished of this guys. I recognized, that they had really fun playing this concert. Probably the most unusual was that they started singing a classical German folk song that turned at the end into a punk version. 
Then they played ‘Müngersdorfer Stadion’ – the German version of the Ramones Rockaway Beach, sung in typical Cologne dialect so the rest of the nation had problems to understand. At least they covered Lou Reed and his ‘Walk on the wild side’ – also translated into their dialect. While Lou Reed has taken on transsexuality a a them, Zeltinger sings about an old prostitute who waits in vain for the whole evening to a suitor. Saw him live a couple of years later and had real fun on his show.

One thought on “Cologne’s local hero

  1. Great, Walter!!! Saw Zeltinger live numerous times, the best gig though was one in a village in the Eifel in the late eighties/early nineties, where I was born and grew up. Apparently he spent the afternoon at the bar with a few of the locals and when the gig started he was stinking drunk … so much so in fact that towards the end of the show he wore nothing else but a tiger string tanga … not the nicest of things that my innocent eyes have ever seen, as you might imagine, bearing his 150 plus kilos in mind … an incredible gig nevertheless! Try to get hold of 'Schon Wieder Live' from 1987: a grieveously underrated record indeed!

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