The Head Of Dead Surfers

Long Fin Killie was a Scottish experimental rock/post-rock band and nearly famous in the mid 90s. They published a few albums and EP’s, got a lot of good critics but less airplay on the radio (except John Peel of course). The band’s sound, though diverse, was influenced by the likes of dream pop mainstays A R Kane, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive, 1970s German krautrock groups like Can, and labelmates Moonshake, Pram and Laika. Mark E. Smith of The Fall contributed “guest rants” to the song “The Heads of Dead Surfers,” which appeared in 1995 on the EP of the same name, as well as on Houdini. Found this CD in my archive last evening, listened to it and was to lazy to rip it. Therefore you get the collaboration with Mark E. Smith.
Have fun – weekend is very close

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