Goa Trance – South German Style

As announced I went to the concert last Friday. Two hours in another world with good songs and fantastic voices. If you ever get a chance: go and try out The Rapparees – it will be worth (even if you’re not in Irish Folk like me).

Some of the Blogs that I follow regularly featured some weired music, based on the sounds of the late 60s and transfered into nowadays club music. Most of the songs featured there hits my taste and I listened to them often. While I listened to this songs I remembered a band I saw a couple of years ago. It’s a band, located in Stuttgart area and founded by a well known musician in the local scene. Teflon Fonfara’s Asian Stars play exactly that kind of club music I tried to describe. I saw them live on our annual music night in our town.

This music night became famous over the years as the biggest in Southern Germany. Started more than ten years ago, as a local musician tried to start a project he knew from France. He asked some local bands to play at some pubs for free and the owner of the pubs donate some money for social projects. I was there when it started and it was spectacular. Hopping from pub to pub to listen to different kind of music, mostly played semi-accustic. It lasted for two more years and the main idea died and was replaced by a commercial event. Nevertheless it is  a great event for our town and the bands stand in a row to play on this event.

Back to the main story: As C. and I were out that night in 2011 we heard from a small alley the sound of The Asian Stars and went up to there. More than the sound we were surprised about that what we saw. An old guitar player playing chords to some beats added with didgeridoo and sitar. We stood there for the rest of their gig and saw them later playing in a club. Here’s a video from this time.

Enjoy and have a good week


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