Going out for a gig

Tonight me and my mate Ed will go for a live gig in our town. The club is located in the center of our town. The location lies 20 meters below the old city walls and it is very small. If there are 80 people inside it is full – more of 100 it is crowded. But it has his own little charm and the artist who played there recommend it as a fantastic location because you were so close to the audience. All musicians are surprised when they travel down the long corridor to the stage. Once the singer of The Dickies said playing there was like playing in a grave.
The club Bastion was founded in the late 60s as a result of the German student revolution. The ideas were to built a forum for political, cultural and literary activities. It is maybe one of the few clubs in this way that still exists in this way.
I don’t know much about the band that appears tonight. It is announced as Irish music in tradition of The Pogues and Tail and Feathers, played in a rough and ready style. So we want to see what we will get.
Have a nice weekend people.

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