Yesterday I was thinking about the Montonie in Germany. Origin was a post of Swiss Adam and a comment from Dirk. Finally Dirk offered a tune from Ideal, who was gods at their time in Germany as he said. I still remember their first record and it was a highlight in that so called Neue Deutsche Welle (New German New Wave). Most of it was terrible and not worth to be listened to. But there was another side of it. It was the time, when everything in music was allowed – without frontiers and new horizons. 
In this time everything could be possible. New groups with new sounds are shot like mushrooms.It was the time I spent a lot of nights in Stuttgart in a small club, where in the early 80s played all the bands of the NDW and also bands from from the British island. I can remember listening to the Cure who jammed with their support (a German punk band called Abwärts) after their gig. At one of these evenings I went to a concert featuring Trio, a small band from northern Germany. 
I knew them from a single, which was very soft. Only spoken words from a guy talking to his former girlfriend on the telephone, trying to get her to an engagement once again. Of course it was not successful but was a good step into the music of Trio. I went there with no more expectations than having a good evening with some live music. So I went on a warm spring evening to the place where they played. It was a very small club in the red light district in Stuttgart. It was on the first floor on the left side – the right side was a well known fun house. So we waited, that they would let us in and while we stood in the row all the customers of the fun house passed us with their heads kept down to the floor. 
It was a very small club where they played their gig. If there where more than one hundred people it would be more that can beard to. As I finally got inside the club I hit for a bottle of beer and I got it. While having my first beer I talked to the guy next to me. We talked about this and that and finally about music. It was very interesting to listen his view of how new music might look like. After another beer he apologizes that he has to go, as he makes an appearance. I did not recognized that I was talking to the guitar player of Trio.
I listened to a lot of concerts in this time but none of them impressed me more than them. It was nearly anarchy to play in a band with only a simple drum, no bass, just a few accords an a singer who sung German and English in one song. It is still amazing and burned in my heart.
Listen, enjoy and have a good week

2 thoughts on “Trio

  1. Nice post, Walter. I once saw Markus, but quite a while after NDW had vanished off the earth's surface: now, this was fun, because he had some shitty new album out which he – obviously – wanted to promote with the gig. But every time he would start to sing a song from it, the audience (mostly Punks, oddly enough) went mad and screamed for either 'Gib Gas', 'Kleine Taschenlampe' or 'Schön Sind Wir Sowieso'. After a while he gave up and the rest of the gig consisted of nothing else but those three tunes: bloody brilliant!

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