Social Commitment

As some readers may know, my wife and me spent our last holidays in Sri Lanka. Last during the festive season and New Year. We were able to establish a close contact with a local family and learn a lot about their lifestyle, views and everyday life during this time. What impressed us the most was how they all deal with their relationships compared to our having a relative poverty. Although very little disposable income, the whole family has retained its warmth and cheerfulness. The main income for the ten-member family consists of a small widow’s pension from which they must earn their entire livelihood. Occasionally is something else from odd jobs to supplement the family budget a little.

In long discussions, we have learned that the family does indeed have specific dreams as they could stand on their own feet financially in the future. It is missing one hand to the financial requirements and secondly to concrete plans. So C. and I decided to start a project that helps to make their dreams become real. We started a blog where we describe our aims, present the family and show up the possibilities in some business what they can imagine. Sure, it’s just about collecting money but we can guarantee that all the money will be used as a foundation for future of our Sri Lanka friends.

The project has been running for some time and we have already received some financial support so that C. has traveled to Sri Lanka to coordinate the use there site. After Rins has purchased a license, we want to buy them in a tuk-tuk for money can be achieved for the livelihood from transporting passengers.

Rolling Stones – Too much blood (Arthur Baker Dub Mix)


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