The road to Wembley

Today I have recompensed myself, while I have looked at the football match live by my local pub. Although I am certainty no fan of Bayern Munich I have hoped that they will win the play. Only for one reason that I like Barcelona still less than them. Reasons therefor will be told another time. And they did! They beat the ‘best team in the world’ 4:0
Came home after the play and wasn’t tired enough to go to sleep. So I checked my box for some music to relax and have a final drink to. I found an old Krautrock-record by Neu!. It was released in 1972 and I am still astonished what they did with their synthesizers and guitars. Combining a pulsate rhythm with electronic effects made them almost incredibly at this time. Some members of Neu! joined later Kraftwerk – also band with the same influence and also produced by  Conny Plank
Enjoy some Krautrock an have a good time


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