Does somebody have interest in classical music?

If you follow my Blog you might know, that I have some favorite style of music I like to spent to you. And sometimes I try to give you a few inspirations of music I think that more people should listen to. I know that not everything is right for anyone – but anyway I will keep on feature music that means a lot to me or music which makes sense in the context. Today I got a short contact with my youngest brother over Facebook. He has recommended me some new music, to him very much like most warmly. Some of the albums I know and like (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Push The Sky Away) and some of the records I’ve never heard before.
he recommended me the newest record from Ludovico Enaudi ‘In A Time Lapse’. Enaudi is an Italian pianist and Alt-Classical musician and nearly 60 years old. About ten years ago he started writing the scores for a number of films or had his music included in soundtracks. In 2010 he wrote the music for trailer of ‘Black Swan’. Maybe some British will have heard some of his track in the TV drama Series ‘This is England 86/88’.
I got some rips from the internet and listened to it last night – and it was overpowering. For a guy who is really not in classical music it made a lot of fun to me. It’s just music to relax and to come down to find yourself.
Give him a chance, listen  and enjoy.
Thank you Martin


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