Malaguena Salerosa

There are with certainty a lot of possibilities to discover new and good music. Earlier a record was recommended by the record trader or a friend gave you  the instruction to listen to this or that record. Sometimes you can be successful listening to the soundtrack of a movie. This happened to me when I watched the additional material on the DVD to Kill Bill II. I’m not interested in the whole making-of stuff but on the table of contend was announced a trailer from a band called Chingon. What appeared on my TV-screen was staggering. A few musicians sitting in a small club playing a traditional mariachi tune in rock style.
 Chingon was formed by Robert Rodriguez better known as a film director and screenwriter for his 2003 film ‘Once upon a time in Mexico’. I really like this song for it’s propelling rhythm and them howling guitar.
Have a nice weekend

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