Hell is around the corner

On my way home from work an announcement has struck me. It was an advertisement to a party downtown in our local cinema, where a DJ will play only music which was well known in the 90s. Because I know the DJ I can imagine what kind of music will be played. None of the music in the 90s that was new or innovative will be played. It’s quite sure, that you can hear song of them boygroups like N’Sync, Take That, Boys II Men, New Kids On The Block, also tracks from some girlgroups and seriously Europop like Captain Hollywood Project, SNAP!. And if they in the mood for dancing he’ll play some Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Lou Bega.

But I’m sure he won’t play any of that songs of this decade that really impressed me. The 90s are filled with real great sounds – nearly every year a new sound. Trance, TripHop, House, Rave, Jungle, Drum ‘n’ Bass had much more influence in my musical development than any song you could hear over German radio stations. This is one reason why I quit listening to the radio.

Tricky – Hell is around the corner


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