Post # 100

Now good half a year has passed, since I have put my Blog on-line. Starting a few posts a week and turned now to a daily posting. Written some personal stuff and also posted some music by my choice to please all the followers. Thank you all for the good and friendly response. I’ll try to keep my level on the forthcoming post and look forward to your comments. 
C. and me are busy creating a social project in Sri Lanka. Some might know that we spent several times there and that we are close to a family living there. It is our personal aim to help them to create a business, it enables to them to be able to deny from this her living. More details you can find here.
Here’s another gem from the late 70s. It is from the Tom Robinson Band and released in 1978. In this time it was called Punk music, but for me it was only R’n’R, played with enthusiasm, a very good feeling for hooks and transporting messages that were important to T.R. Maybe he was one of the first artist who outed himself as gay and also having success.
So have a good week all of you.

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