Have I properly understood the text?

Drove home from work at Thursday with the train having my headphone on and listened to the music on my mobile phone. I read to normal manner alongside a book, but this day I have simply listened in of the music and have dwelled on my thoughts. Thus I also had to be able to concentrate time on the text and had been surprised what I have heard. I think there’s no other song starting with the words ‘It was the biggest ever cock you’d ever seen…’ and the rest of the lyrics are also worth to listen. Very sad story – but this might be real life.
The song is from Arab Strap – another great Scottish band. I know them for a long time and I also posted some time ago their great ‘Hey, fever’. I think I will listen to their lyrics with more attention. And I suggest, if someone will sing this lyrics in German the song will be banned from airplay (if it gets on airplay anyhow).
It was the biggest ever cock you’d ever seen, but you’ve no idea where that cock has been.
You said you were careful – you never were with me.

I heard you did it four times and jonnies come in packs of three.

She was the best shag I’d ever had.

That doesn’t mean I’m saying, bedwise, you were bad.

I think you were working, we got a hotel.

We didn’t have anything but I thought I might as well.

I never told the rest.

I was drunk and I told you I was thinking about a test.

You know I just said it for effect.

Then you laughed and said I’d fuck anything in a skirt once I’m erect.

And she’s a famous harlot in this town.

I know enough to, but still I couldn’t turn her down.

He said I’m an arsehole, what was I thinking?

It’s far too easy to blame it on the drinking.
If I read this words I remember the famous and crazy writer Hunter S. Thompson. This is exactly the style of his output. May he rest in peace.

Arab Strap – Packs of Three


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