Don’t let him wast your time

Most of the people know Nancy Sinatra as the daughter of Frank Sinatra, actor and singer protected and sponsored by the mafia and her duets with Lee Hazlewood. Younger people may know her since Quentin Tarrantino placed her song ‘Bang Bang’ in his movie Kill Bill. I listened to her songs for years and was surprised when I first listened in 2004 to a song from her I never heard before.

‘Don’t let him waste your time’ sounded so retro to me that I asked myself how it could happen that I didn’t noticed it before.

Nancy Sinatra – Don’t let him waste your time

All the more I was surprised that it concerns a new song written by Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. Cocker recorded this song two years later on his first solo recording ‘Jarvis’. Both versions have her own charm and the lyrics are superb. There’s also Richard Hawley playing on this track.

… You can stay all night if you want to
You can hang out with all of his friends
You can go and meet his mother and father
Better make sure that’s where it ends…

…’Cause the years flash by in an instant
And you wonder what he’s waiting for
Then some skinny bitch walks by in some hot pants
And he’s running out the door…


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