Sunshine’s better

Another busy day ahead and no spring in sight. I’ve more than enough from cold and snow. Wish I could be back at a place where I could take a drink under palm trees. Therefore a very relaxed tune from John Martyn in a remix by Talvin Singh. He’s also good in mixing not only playing in his band Cornershop. I do not know If they still working as a band but I remember well when they played live in the late 90s. 

2 thoughts on “Sunshine’s better

  1. Sorry for correcting you, bro. But Talvin Singh is not and was never a member of the highly overrated Cornershop. Singh might be the "Müller" of India, so it's Tjinder Singh who is the frontman of Cornershop. Talvin Singh is ever since a remixer and producer, most widely known for the Anokha – Soundz of the Asian Underground (1997) compilation. Tally-ho!

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