Black and White

Today I want to feature Wynn Bullock and his photographs. He was born early last century and became a well recognized American master photographer of the 20th century. After school he was hired to the Irving Berlin Music Box Revue as a chorus member. During the mid-20s he settled over to Europe to studying voice in giving concerts in France, Germany and Italy. In Paris he got fascinated of the Impressionist and the post-Impressionists. He discovered the works of Man Rey and experienced a strong affinity with photography. 
Back in the United States while the great depression he settled down in West-Virginia to rule his wife’s family interest. Short time later he moved with her to California to study law like his mother (who was the first Californian female jurist). After a couple of month he quit study law and became a student of photography at the nearby Art School.
Throughout the decade of the 1950s, he devoted himself to developing his own vision, establishing deep, direct connections with nature. He was one of the pioneers of making black and white slides – long before they were used a stylistic form of photography.
Todays music is taken from the 1980 record Bass Culture and shows the dub-poet at his best.
Enjoy and have a good week.

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