The day as the earth caught fire

Today it’s 80 years ago in Berlin the Reichstag in Berlin was on fire. It was the parliament building of the German republic. The fire was based on arson. In the scene was arrested a man called Marinus van der Lubbe. Indeed, the circumstances and the culpability could not become perfectly proved and are discussed till this day controversially.
Next morning was nothing the same as the day before. The government  remit an order for the protection of empire and state. With it the fundamental rights of the Weimar Repuplik were completely cancelled practically and the way free-removed for the legalized pursuit and arrest of the political opponents of the NSDAP. Daily they took more and more people into prison and because there wasn’t cells enough they founded the first concentration camps.
For the Nazis was everything clear: this must be organized by the communists! So they arrested a German member of the communist party and also three Bulgarian communists for instigation van der Lubbe to the arson. Therefor he was judged in advance and he was killed by guillotine later that year.
Although also I cannot prove it, I am persuaded that the arson was decided by Hitler and his henchmen themselves to switch off unpleasant competitiors and the choice, they in March, 1933 took place in your favour to influence. The end is well known all over the world. 

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