Bombing World Trade Center

Today it is 20 years ago the WTC was the first time attacked by an terrorist bomb attent. In the morning of February 26, 1993 a van blew up in the underground parking of the WTC. Six people died and more than 1.000 people were injured. Shortly after the bomb attack the Egyptian sheikh Umar Abd ar-Rahman was arrested and condemned some year later to custody for life.
After his arrest confessed the principal offender that was planned to use a larger amount by far of explosive, so that a tower will collapse and tear the other with in the deep. Besides, the terrorists have gone out from a number of 10,000 deaths who should die in this poster. How lucky that they hadn’t so many explosive to get this final done.
I remember very well what I thought about, when I heard the news the first time. For me it was the ending of the way of life I was used to. All things happened afterwards in the name of or against al-Qaida started with this attack. Remember how easy it was to travel throughout the world, how joyful it could be travel to countries in near east and don’t have to be afraid of your life. And this was also the starting signal for all the radical Muslims to go to conquer the world. We can’t stop this machine we set running and the fury of them radicals will never stop.
So let’s stop with black thoughts and have fun with our families and all the other things we love (as long as we can). This one is from the first Can record and with it’s driving rhythm a classical tune.
Listen and have a good week people

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