Flaming Hearts

This week I was very busy talking to C. what happened during the last weeks and also watching the German team in the Champions League so that I hadn’t enough time working on my block. It is now between dinner and going out with my brother in law that I write this post.
Today’s music comes from a German musician who had great influence in electronic music. In his early days he was a co-member of Kraftwerk an a full-member of NEU! They made fantastic music to relax (lot of people used to smoke to this music in these days). Nowadays you can hear this kind of music in rotten versions all over the esoteric wave or in the supermarket. But the originals were never beaten. 
I read in wiki, that Michael Rother did some jams with Joe Frusicante from RHCP. If it’s true – great respect to them.
Enjoy people and have a good week

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