Friday again

Thank god it’s Friday and I can leave work behind me until next week. This week was very quiet on account of the fact that many colleagues have used the school holidays in the carnival time and have taken vacation. That’s why I have used the opportunity to do duties which I already move over since weeks before myself. But finally it’s done and I can enjoy weekend.

I am also glad, that carnival season is over right now. It is good for the eyes to have to see no more people who dress up partly infantile manner. And it is good for the ears not to have to hear simple-minded carnival music on every corner. In fact that I live in southern Germany I don’t have to complain. If I would live in Cologne or Düsseldorf – this is the hell. I know what I am talking about. I had to stand this for ten years with my former wife.

Now I am in a sentimental mood, because C.’s coming back tomorrow and I listen to quiet tunes. Today’s gift is a song from John Martyn – one of the best British folk/jazz singer over many decades. It’s wonderful to hear him again after a long time.

So enjoy and have a great weekend
John Martyn – Fine lines


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