We can be done, disappear, swim with the stream, our circles turn, do not come down any more, are weightless

The whole day long I wasn’t able to the lyrics out of my head you can read on the title of this post. It is from a very popular song by The Toten Hosen nowadays. It’s about digging the scene again like in former times. Of course, their sound is not new at all, but it has a hypnotic groove (for a German band). Maybe the lyrics grabbed me, because I did something alike a couple of weeks ago. Anyway – a good song from a band who is more than 30 years on stage now.
The Toten Hosen get famous in Germany with some sing along punk songs. They probably learned from their idols. One of the first songs like that I heard was ‘Friggin in the rigging’ from the Sex Pistols. I hope everyone understands the lyrics – otherwise grab your dictionary.
Enjoy and have fun – I go and watch the Champions League

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