Putting out fire with gasoline

It is just a Sunday with nothing to do than checking the letters I got during the week, pay some bills, relax and doing nothing till I go out to watch some game on telly. By doing this stuff I watched a movie along – Inglorious Basterds. For a movie, made by Quentin Tarrantino there was less song in the movie. But one of them I give you for Sunday.
It’s made as title track for the 1982 movie with the same title. I think it is a co-production with Girorgio Moroder – a legendary producer in his time. For me it is David Bowie’s last song, where he influenced musicians of the next generation. In this song he combines Goth themes with the deep voice that was well known some years later as the Sisters of Mercy.
Enjoy and have a good start into the next week

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