But it’ll still more than a heart can take, more than feeling great, more than a tongue can tell

Yesterday I wrote some words about sexist statements, ending with some words to all the writing people and feminists. I got some response about this and let me explain: I wanted to provoke with a radically other opinion what I, if I the feedbacks looks, have also managed. It is a no go to cross the verbal border, when you flirt – everybody is responsible for his words and their effect. So rather twice think, before once a little bit too much is said.
Now let’s finish and let’s listen to a band that mean a lot to me. The Trash Can Sinatras are a Scottish band formed in the early 90s and I follow them since a couple of years and it’s a kind of music I could nearly listen anytime. 
This one is their earliest popular songs – so listen, enjoy and have a good week.

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