The pains of beeing pure at heart

The second day back on work and nothing changed since I left four weeks ago. All my colleges are still busy working from nine to five and leave the office like zombies. Even though I set with a couple of them together for some drinks after finishing work. On my way back home on train I found this tune on my mobile phone. It was released in 2009 and remembers me the days of so called Indie-music or powerpop. Yes it is very retro to the 80s – but anyway a sound that makes me feel well.

So enjoy and have a good time

The Pains Of Beeing Pure At Heart – Stay Alive


One thought on “The pains of beeing pure at heart

  1. Welcome back to reality ;-)The pains of being pure at heart……was für ein genialer Bandname.Besorg Dir die "Higher than the Stars"-EP, die auf 5 Songs die Quintessenz der Band auf CD brennt. Plus dem wunderbaren Saint Etienne Remix.Und wenn wir schon bei schönen EPs sind: Try DUM DUM GIRLS mit ihrer End of Dayz-EP. Um den Bogen dann zu spannen such nach dem Smiths Cover von den DUM DUM GIRLS. You know. There's a light that never goes out.

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