Get a shave and relax

Now my vacation comes to an end. That’s why I have allowed myself a classical shave with the razor. If you travel through Asia, relaxation is very often offered to you in the form of massages, facial treatments or spa. For me is the biggest relaxation if I can get shaved. In the chair burst to take and to get shaved in well-tried kind with is simply miraculous, because this tradition threatens to become extinct with us.

Here is a song from the seventies originally performed by the great Lee Hazlewood. This version is from a German punk/industrial band from the end of last century. For me it is more than a cover – it is an interpretation.

Enjoy and have a good week

Einstürzende Neubauten – Sand


One thought on “Get a shave and relax

  1. What a shame that German hairdressers are no longer allowed to shave their clients due to "hygienical" reasons … I always enjoy this experience a great deal whenever I'm in Turkey and I only wish I would be able to get it over here as well!

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