Rice and curry

After our short trip to Bangkok over the year we are back in Colombo. We found a very nice appartment in a quiet row nearby downtown with two sleeping and a big living room. Also a kitchen is there to prepare some meals or warm them up. We wish to get our friend to visit Germany during the year. It’s very difficult to get a visa for him, because the expectations for a Schengen visa are very high. The main reason is, that the geman embassy don’t believe, that our friend will come back to Sri Lanka again. Therefore we went to the embassy to talk to the visa officer and explain our request and also our suggestion.

It was last friday noon as we went there. The safety guard told us that  there are no business hours for public people and gave us a telephon number, so we could try our luck. I dialed the number and found myself at the switchboard. The only answer I got was the opening hours to speak our request to the officer. I begged for a couple of times to connect me to the visa officer but all she done, was disconnecting me. So I tried again and on the switchboard was a guy, who spoke a better english than the lady did and connected me with the officer. And what did the officer – he disconnected me also. I got a terrible anger. What do they think I am. These people represent my country and are not able/willing to talk to me. Fuck ’em all. So we have to wait until tomorrow to start again.

Let me write about something more enjoyable. I titled the post rice and curry beause it is the main dish for singha people. They serve it in different styles with chicken, fish or vegetarian. It’s your choice if you want it with a cream of beans, lentals or other vegetable. The best curries I had was that ones you get in the shops along the mainroads. Looking the kitchen and the dining room with european eyes you might think it is dirty and rotten. But this is not the truth – it is only very simple in the cooking area and the dining room, because they haven’t the money to make it luxury. Anyway: it was always tasty, cheap and we didn’t got sick.

We also went to the local market to see all the business men selling fruits and vegetables. Crossing the street you get to another market where they sell all the faked clothes and watches from well known brands. Also walking through the roads where they sell all the electronic stuff is amazing. In this two hours walking around we met no other european or australian. After that we decided to swing to a new pub to get us some pitchers beer.

This is a song I discovered again last year. I think it’s 30 years old now but I am still facinated about the drums and the young and rebellios voice of Anabella Lu Win.
Bow Wow Wow – Go wild in the country
Bow Wow Wow – Go wild in the countryV2
Bow Wow Wow – Go wild in the country V3

The other song I would like to feature is a german one from the times they called music ‘neue deutsche Welle’ – in english: new german wave. Most of the bands the reached the charts are gone and forgotten (god be blessed). But this group is still alive making records worth to listen.
Extrabreit – Kokain
Extrabreit – Kokain V2
Extrabreit – Kokain V3

Enjoy and have a good week


One thought on “Rice and curry

  1. Hallo Walter,ich bin ja vielleicht nur zu blöd dazu, aber wie bitte kann man Deine songs denn runterladen? Ich lande bei meinen Versuchen auf boxnet (wo ich auch angemeldet bin), dennoch kommt immer die Nachricht "the item you are trying to access has either been deleted or is unavailable to you" …Was muss ich tun?Besten Dank,Dirk/Sexyloser

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