One Night in Bangkok

… yes we moved a couple of days ago to Bangkok to spend the new years eve in a big city and return to Sri Lanka again early 2013. Its the same thing like on any big airport. To get a transport to the city to a approbriate price. If you pass the passport control a lot of people offer you the service to transport you to the city – and most people choose one of them – not knowing, that they charge you three times. Go down to the second level and get on of the public taxi to carry you downtown.

After arriving at our hotel we’re not amused to recognize that next door a hotel is completly renovated. After serveral diskussions with the manager we could change the room the other day. And after changing the room we are much more satisfied now.

The first afternoon/evening we drifted to local areas around. We found a nice spot to see the sun getting down behind the impressive skyline of upper Bangkok. After a couple of sundowners we are getting hungry and decided to go to the japanese restaurant close to our place. It was very traditional as we know from our visit in Japan four years ago. There are four pillows arround a very low table seperated from each other with some wooden walls. We ordered some small food and drunk the famous sake. It’s a liqour made out of rice and it is really tasty (no headache the other day). So finally we had a good start in Bangkok.

The next day we took some sightseeing to show our friend the best places around. Although that he’s a buddhist we as very impressed about What Poo. In the evening time we decided to go to Cowboy Soi. This is a very small road with all the bars where young girls dance on the tables. Watching them dance is horrible. No one of them is able to move her hips. It seems to me as they were all stoned. It is nice to see but not to stay for longer times. But we could bear it, watching the premier league live on telly.

So now the year is nearly over and I wish you all a very good start into 2013. May be the best what happened to you this year may be the worst in 2013.

This is one of my favourite tunes from Talk Talk. For me it is a very emotional version from Bon Iver (I think it is live in Glasgow)

Bon Iver – I believe in you (Talk Talk Cover)

The other one is also a favourite of mine. Back in the very early 80s to a sound that’s called Pub Rock. Classical handmade music.

Mickey Jupp – Another Guy


One thought on “One Night in Bangkok

  1. Hallo Walter,grossartiger blog und ich wünsche Dir damit weiter gutes Gelingen und natürlich auch ein frohes neues Jahr!Beste Grüsse,Dirk/Sexyloser

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