are the three-wheelers most known as Tuc Tuc. On all main- and backstreets you can see them riding around. In no place you are save from the crackling noise of that litte mortorcycles dfriven by a two-stroke engine. Everyone takes them for short distances and you can them often overloadet (as europeans would like to think).

These vehicles are very well known in Thailand and also in India but established in Sri Lanka only 25 years ago. It’s easy to take a ride because you don’t need air conditioning because most of them are open on both sides. It’s the cheapest way to take shorter distances. For longer distances I’ll prefer a tax or a bus.

But anyway to travel on the road takes a lot of time. There is only one highway that connects the capitol to the south. And if you take the regular streets you have to be careful about the other things on the street: the busses, trucks, cars,tuc tucs, dogs, cows, bicycles, pedestrians and sometimes deep hole in the street.

Have a good time and enjoy the rest of the year.

Belle and Sebastian – The State I Am In


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