Buses and baksheesh

We decided to stay at new years eve in Bangkok. Because we wanted to invite a clos friend to usto join we had to move to Colombo. If a local resident wants to travel he has to fulfill a lot of requierments. Passport and so on is not the real problem – the main problem is that the government wants to be shure, that this person will return to his home country. To run the application process sucessful it take normal a couple of weeks – even when its close to christmas. So what to do? It is like all over the world: we got information about a friend, who knows someone that knows someone woh might be abble to fix the application process in a short time. And therefore he took a little cash in his pockets.

Our local stay is in the very south of Sri Lanke and we startet our trip with a local bus, crowded with a lot of locaal people. After a 40 minute ride we arrived Galle, where we could chance to a long distance bus to Colombo. This one was more comfortable, air-conditioned and with tv. The whole ride they played videos from mostly local bands and also inevitable PSY with his gangnam style. After a couple of songs I grabbed y headphones out of my bag and listend to my kind of music.

After we finished our baksheesh deal and booking our flights we stayed for some more hours in Colombo in a very nice outdoor-pub and take afterwords the train back to our local stay. We asked some guys the time the train will leave so we can acdording our drinks to this time. We arrived the train exactly but what we didn’t aksed how long the travel will take until we arrive. To our bad luck we catched a train that stops in every small village along the way. After three hours we arrived in Galle again to wait for the next bus to take us home. Finally we arrived at 1:00 a.m. and fell in our beds quickly.

The next day was reserved to recreate again.

Sneaker Pimps – Six Underground

The Mekons – Cockermouth



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