Recreation: The Singha style

Recreation for working people means getting a couple of days off from work. Here it is normally that you work for six days to have one day free to do things of your own pleasure. Also a lot of people work in places that was located a long distance from their hometown. So it could happen that one friend you know from former days appears suddenly to your place and you decide to spent some time with him talking, drinking and eating. Whilst they talk and drink they decide to phone to some other friends to join them.

That’s what happend to us last sunday. I got a call from a good friend to join their party a we went off to get a TukTuk to ride us to the next town to join them. As we arrived, allready six people where sitting on the porch – each of them a glass of arrack with lime infront. Arrack is a local liqour and you can compare it to a brandy. It’s very tasty and you won’t have headache the next day.

If one bottle is empty they call a TukTuk-driver to get the next bottle, some cigaretts and some litte food (grilled fish, coconut-pieces and some sweet stuff). Sometimes it takes a longer time untill the driver brings the next round because he hadn’t so much money with, so that he just had to find someone who borrows him some money. And this game goes on and on and on until they decide that it’s time to finish.

We had a very funny afternoon there. We were treated like we know them all for a long time. It’s still amazing to have people around who are allways open hearted. Sure: they are also proud to have us around. By the way I recognized, that this men’s thing – all femals were in the background, telling no words until the party is over. I guess this will never happen in western hemisphere.

This one is from the lovely Maria McKee.In the eighties she did the lead vocals in a band called The Lone Justice. They did a raw mixture of Country, Rock and Punk called CowPunk. It was an american band, but her roots are irish and at the age of 19 she wrote the song Feargal Sharkey made famous – a good heart.

Enjoy and have a good time

Maria McKee – Drinking In My Sunday Dress


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