It’s Cricket-time

Now we arrived at least. I allways need one or two days in a new country to sort myself, to have a first look what’s going on, where are fixed places to remember and so on. After a relaxing day at the beach and swimming in the sea we were invited by a local family for lunch.

I am everytime impressed how hospitable these people are. Beeing poor and inviting some foreigners for dinner makes me thinking about these in my country. It will be not the same than here. People at my place wouldn’t be that warm, open hearted and friendly as these people are.

After lunch our friend Rins took us to a local cricket tournament. I know that this game is very popular in Southern Asia and in Australia. But I had never got the chance to watch a whole game or play it by myseve. In this case Rins told my the main rules of the game. He also told me what’s a wicket, a batsman and a bowler are. That’s made it easier to watch the game. We watched several innings until the team of Rins has to play in the tournament. I dont’t know the reasons, but they had a very bad day and sucked. None of them was angry about losing the tournament – maybe because it is their nature to play just for fun. I don’t know  – the main thing is, that we had an interesting afternoon.

Here’s a song from a band I love for several years. Only guitars and the drum machine – songs they are so raw and pure. Essential if you stick to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Kills – Fried your little brains


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