After a long journey

This is my second day here in Sri Lanka and now I’ve time to hang out for aa while. Our journey started with a lot of complications on the airport. First we had to wait for 90 minutes on the runway to pick up some passengers from other flight. This was the reason why we missed the connection flight. So we had to stay five more hours in Doha with nothing else to do than wait. Finally we arrived in Colombo mor than seven hours later as planed.

The best thing traveling on a plane nowaday is, that you can choose from a lot of actual movies. I took three of them an most I was impressed by Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter. It is such a crazy story about the reason of strating the civil war in USA. The story tells us, that the southern states are occupied by vampires and that they tried to rule whole America. And therfore Abe Lincoln started to fight against them – killing most of them with his silvered axe. It is a long time ago since a watched a vampire movie – and I have to say it made fun at this time and location.

Our friend was already waiting to pick us up and carry us to our destination down south to Mirissa. After visiting his family and checking in to our guesthouse we went out for something to drink. After a couple of beers we decited to visit our friends brother in law at his boat in the harbour. It was his last day off before he goes out fishing again. What meas, that he’ll be away for three or four weeks fishing near the Adaman sea. Therefore a bunch of fisherman sat on the boat having a party. They invited us to join their party. The only drinks you could get there was brandy with lemonade. What the hell – they drank so fast I can’t believe and I did my best to survive. After all it was a funny evening and we got a couple of new friends.

 After a day of relaxing I am able now to get on the blog again and see what is new. Now I prepair to go to the beach and check out the waves in the sea.

So have a good weekend people

Spiritualized – Rated X


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