Back on the blog

I took myself a break from posting and following my favorite blogs, because I was busy at office and preparing my vacation. Next Tuesday me and Christiane will leave for Sri Lanka. We’ll stay there for nearly four weeks – maybe we take a short trip to Thailand from there. I am so glad to get away from cold, rain and snow. The next days will be also filled with little things to do until we leave an visit some people to say good bye and wishing them a merry Christmas a good start into the next year.

Even if I am a long way from home, I try to keep this blog alive.

As I wrote the title of this post I wanted to publish a song by the great Quincey Jones called ‘Back on the block’ but I decided to give you a song that impressed me yesterday while I was taking the train to my job. It’s a song by Sinnead O’Conner I took from a collection of her rare tracks. Just the lady and her voice telling us another story of a love gone waste.

Enjoy and have a good weekend my dears

Sinnead O’Conner – Song with no name


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